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What goes into making a great Vape Juice?

While some Vaping companies outsource their formulating to less reputable labs around the country or settle for cheap ingredients that contain unknown trace chemicals there are a few Vaping Houses like Eliquid Depot that really know their stuff. Making Vape Juice isn’t rocket science, but making epic e-liquids is not only a science but also an art.


Primarily, a Vape Juice is made up from a glycerin base and water that may or may not be mixed with propylene glycol or other chemicals to enhance the smoke texture. Other ingredients may include flavorings, alcohol, nootropics or plant extracts of different kinds for a variety of purported health benefits.


Reading ingredient labels is one obvious way to check if any questionable stuff has been used in the preparation but unless you have inside information or the company makes their ingredients public then you really have no idea what you are breathing into your lungs. Since most if not all Vape Houses safeguard their formulations like the crown jewels here are a few tips from an online vape shop here for you to check and recognize the good from the no-so-good and find the best vape juice that will provide a safe and satisfying vape.


Look for Organic ingredients: This may seem obvious but if it’s organic you have a safer bet that unknown pesticide residues from the primary raw material are going to be eliminated or at least significantly reduced.


Find out if your chosen Brand has third-party toxicology testing reports on their finished product and do these shows any “unknown molecules”. If they do have unknowns, then this is a red flag for possible toxins. Many good companies will advertise their open book policy on toxicology reports because they have nothing to hide and invite your inspection.


Does the company use diacetyl-free extracts or flavorings? This has become an important issue in the vaping arena. Many less reputable companies will use any old flavoring that they can get as long as it tastes good, unaware that its delicious creamy flavor contains diacetyl and is slowly poisoning your lungs beyond repair. Diacetyl is a normal harmless component of many foods we eat but when present in your e-juice can produce a condition called “popcorn-lung” eventually resulting in death or a lung transplant. Insist on diacetyl-free ingredients!


Propylene Glycol: This is one of those controversial ingredients that can go either way. Propylene Glycol (PG) is one chemical solvent used in smoke machines to produce a great special effect for parties and stage shows. It is primarily used in some e-liquids to do the same thing by enriching the vapor and keeping oil-based ingredients emulsified. Although it is GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA many Vaping Houses are choosing to drop the additive due to its less-than-holistic associations with anti-freeze and its petrochemical origins.


Remember that all good e-liquid manufacturers will advertise their compliance with FDA regulations and display their policy of transparency regarding third-party toxicology testing. If they don’t boast it then they probably don’t have it!

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